"Rooted in Your Success"


Mission Statement

Magnolia Roots is dedicated to helping clients develop their voice, brand and message through a foundation of consistent and cohesive marketing.

How we work with you

Working with our trusted partners, we can create and manage every aspect of your marketing needs. We have packages and retainers available, as well as non-profit and project management rates.

The Process

Initially, we will review your marketing and potentially recommend a more in-depth marketing audit. It is a way to look at everything at once, see what is successful and what needs you might have.

Next, we can build a comprehensive proposal. We research your company, industry, area, and competitors to build a proposal tailored to your needs. This process can take several weeks.

Once the proposal is accepted, a contract is drawn up and once signed, we can begin work immediately. We will work closely with you to ensure that your marketing stays up to date and consistent across all channels. In essence, you will have a complete marketing department at your fingertips.

Marketing Services Offered

  • Marketing audit
  • Marketing plan
  • Market research
  • Event planning
  • Copy writing
  • Content strategy
  • Campaign strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Website design/hosting
  • Social media
  • Logo design
  • Collateral creation
  • Mission/Vision statements